PiKu - innovative Power Quality monitoring and assessment

PiKu is an innovative prototype for monitoring and evaluation of the power quality. This product can be seen as an open system (unlike the others on the market) with remote functionality.

We provide classic assessment methods, (regulatory compliance) and new indices. Our specialization comes from the academic and industrial experiences of our team and we are able to offer a complete solution for all Power Quality problems, from evaluation to implementation of custom-power solutions.

The use of open-source software, hardware components of "makers" and "hackerspaces" make this product more convenient and therefore suitable for the detection and processing of numerous network nodes.

Furthermore, in these fields we offer our highly specialized consulting services, surveys and post-processing of acquired data, up to the design and implementation of "tailor-made" solutions to mitigate power quality problems.



PiKu INO is a release of PiKu.

Because we believe in Makers and in the Maker culture that encourages novel applications of technologies, and the exploration of intersections between traditionally separate domains.

Because we think that all the web is a big hackerspace, that is a community-operated workspace where people with common interests can meet, socialize and collaborate.



   Piku INO will be soon available!



The PiKu INO release is a maker oriented "power quality in a pocket" device.

The main characteristics are:

-Complete system with high performance and cheap
-Small size and weight
-Three-phase AC power supply interface
-USB interface with automatic device detection and connection for PC or Laptop
-Data logging of  AC voltage waveforms on PC or Laptpop
-Sampling rate 6300 Hz
-Power quality analysis (RMS,DFT,THD,Unbalance of the grid voltages)
-Web monitoring capabilities via open-source CMS

Earth Wind & Sun

New Energy for a Better World

The words still have meaning! So, also give the name to a new company can not escape that. A company, like ours, we want to deal with two key issues for the World Development: energy and sustainability.

There is no doubt that to live, produce, exchange knowledge and assets, we need energy. There, where energy sources are missing or in short supply there is no development process in place. At the same time, however, we increasingly need to respect the environment, not with words but with facts and concrete choices.

Ours is not a any company that deals with power quality. We are people who believe that economic and human development is possible in a sustainable manner. We believe that we can build a better world where all peoples and nations can live in peace, each seeking its own development.

We believe in justice, equality, respect for human rights and we do so by providing our human and professional skills. Those who come to us not only find technical solutions, but people who want to sincerely and seriously committed to the production of


A new energy for a better world!”






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