Idea Challenge Finalist Earth Wind & Sun is pitching in the USA

In Mid-March 2015 'Earth Wind & Sun‘ will fly to the USA to build up new partnerships and to promote their Smart Energy Meter „PiKu“ to US-American investors in Boston. The Italian startup built an innovative device to monitor and evaluate the power quality of a lot of electric nodes in a building or house – locally or remotely.

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Earth Wind & Sun pitch at FINESCE Open Day

On the 9th of March 2015, at the open Day in Terni, organized by the local utility ASM Terni, Earth Wind & Sun team, with many others SMEs and entrepreneurs, came to Terni (Italy) to the FINESCE trial site in Terni, about the  upcoming projects in the energy sector. At the 99 seconds sessions the Earth Wind & Sun team  had the opportunity to present his company and  projects, pitching ideas for new products and cooperations.


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Earth Wind & Sun - Italian TV interview



Earth Wind & Sun among the 10 European Idea Challenge finalists

Earth Wind & Sun was chosen by  EIT ICT Labs among the 10 best European teams for Smart Energy Systems and attended the final pitch held in Berlin. Earth Wind & Sun presented PiKu the innovative system for the monitoring and evaluation of Power Quality.

Earth Wind & Sun at the Maker Faire

Earth Wind & Sun participated at the Maker Faire  the biggest European innovation fair, presenting PiKu the innovative prototype for monitoring and evaluation of Power Quality. Codemotion Tech  selected our project for its online contest. We thank those who voted for it by getting us in third place.


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