Earth Wind & Sun promote clean energy in Lebanon

Published on Sunday, 01 July 2018 15:55

The partnership with Vides and other organizations, in an international cooperation project, carried out in Lebanon  aims to contribute and guarantee sustainable models of production and consumption; ensure everyone access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems; take urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences. Specifically, the project aims to help create and maintain an electricity production system (photovoltaic) for the fair and sustainable development of the urban area of Kahale and its surroundings.
The project aim to:
- Install a photovoltaic lighting system for public street lighting in Kahale
- Train personnel for installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems
- Raise awareness and train local population and institutions to use alternative energy sources
- Promote the use of renewable energy for the population


The project is co-finaced by AICS