Power Quality




Electricity is probably the main "raw material" for the industry and service sectors. It is a particular product because it is required with continuity, it can not be stored in considerable quantities and can not be subjected to controls that ensure the quality prior to use. The electricity is very different from any other product, is generated far from the point of use, is fed into a network fed by many generators and arrives at the point of delivery through many different transformers and several kilometers of areas and possibly underground cables lines.



Another crucial aspect is the one related to energy efficiency. It is an element of primary importance because it affects the functionality and economy of management of any complex system, operated by electricity. The impact of power quality not only on energy consumption levels but also on the degree of functionality and productivity of complex systems is becoming more and more evident and relevant.


The "Power Quality" is intrinsically linked to the interaction between the electric system and the loads; it brings into account both the quality of the voltage that the power quality. It speaks, in this sense, the "Five Qualities."



Some of the most widespread phenomena of degradation of power quality, seen as deviations from ideal conditions of supply are: harmonic distortion, service interruptions, sags and surges, sags, transients.



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